What areGPS and the tracking system?

Gps tracking system has been one of the revolutionary inventions indeed because of its global acceptance and drastic popularity among users. This was invented by theGovernment of United States to help the US army in their regular job. Later they provided the permission to the civilians to use the same. Most of us are using the system without knowing the working procedure or having proper knowledge on it. Now in this article we will give a brief idea on GPS and about the tracking device.
Knowledge on GPS and the tracker- GPS stands for Global Positioning System. The GPS is a satellite based radio steering system to track the position using satellite navigation system. The Gps tracker is a device which is generally used to track or locate the position of any movable thing. This device is generally carried by a vehicle or a person and by the help of Global Positioning System it can collect the positional data of the moveable vehicle. Varieties of the tracker- Basically three to four types of Gps tracking system are available there. All the smartphones can use any of the system in it but it depends on the software which is installed in the phone. Wearable tracker- Wearable Gps trackers are used mostly for personal use to track the real time position. These come smaller in size making it easier to wear or to get embedded wearable devices like wrist watch etc. This tracking device isvery useful for backpackers and fitswellfor responding in emergency situation. Tracker for vehicles- Gps tracker is generally used in vehicles to track their real time location and position. This type is the most popular and most used one. This can also be short in size. The vehicle tracker normally has three forms • Hardwired tracker • Plug in Tracker • Battery powered tracker