The Organic Shea Butter can be used for children, babies, pregnant women, men, and women, which guarantees that it is a 100% safe and natural product.

Buying a beauty product is much more than that, it is always trying to choose the one that provides the most benefits, that gives the skin everything necessary to look splendid and that is 100% natural, like the Shea Butter of Sans Pareil Naturals, a product with five fatty acids, vitamins A, E, F and K, a great healing power and versatility to enhance the skin. The Nilotica Shea Butter is much better than that of West Ghana because its oils, minerals, and vitamins not only moisturize but also protect your skin from severe dryness or conditions such as eczema. In addition, shea butter nourishes and revitalizes damaged and aged skin, restoring lost vitality.
Among the attributes of Organic Shea Butter are: • It is a product that does not obstruct the pores of the skin, which means that it is naturally non-comedogenic. • Contains anti-inflammatories that reduce redness, burning or swelling in the skin. • Its high level of vitamin A helps in the production of collagen. As well as fatty acids, vitamins E and F for deep hydration. • It is a natural sunscreen with SPF protection of 6-10, protecting the skin also from strong winds and environmental pollution. • Contains phenols, organic antioxidant compounds. • It can be used in children, babies, pregnant women, as well as in men and women, which guarantees that it is a 100% safe and natural product. At San Pareil Naturals we have dedicated ourselves to providing excellent skin care products with safe and 100% natural ingredients, and we comply with Fair Trade Shea Butter standards. We promote safe work, we protect the environment and we encourage communities to create prosperous companies. With the sale of our products, we help improve the life of a large community in East Africa. Purchase your Sans Pareil Naturals Shea Butter through our website where we also inform you about its great benefits and much more.