Text messages can be done through Blackberry Phantom phone models

PGP encryption or pretty good privacy encryption is an encrypted data that provides or data communication two necessary things-Cryptographic privacy and authentication for communicating data. But nowadays encrypted phones are indirectly causing many crimes to be committed in Australia. Many times PGP is used for the purpose of signing and for encrypting and decrypting of text. Not only texts but also files as well as directories. Then it is used for the whole of disk partition so as to increase the email communication process’s security.
Phantom Secure is a seller of encrypted blackberry phone models which has its root in Canada. Phantom Secure was not bound to respond to any questions at the time of enquiry regarding their blackberry models. That is why afterwards microphone and camera was removed from these phones. The phantom blackberry phones lack the options such as web searching, sending email and also making calls. The only thing which can be done in this phone is sending text messages. Again the phantom blackberry phone includes a 3 months subscription to the company’s data service. However there is a big reason behind the limited features of phantom blackberry phones. It is said by the senior officials of law enforcement that the phones that belong to this category are linked to many crimes of underworld specially killing that occurred in Sydney. Though these phones are sold by so many companies in the whole world according to the reports of the law enforcement officials these phones are being used by the Australian criminals to commit heinous crimes.

The phantom Blackberry phone’s maximum price up to $ 2,760.Again an user can spend $2,000 so to renew their six months subscription. As reported by a government official ,the system of sending text messages through blackberry Phantom phones are protected and observed by military grade encryption and cannot be hacked even by the electronic spy agency and the Signals Directorate of Australia. Thus you can notice that phantom blackberry phones have limitations regarding their usage. For more information please visit pgp encrypted.