Students are now turning for help to internet

The students have to put in all their time and energy in learning the subject in the university or college. This is the only thing expected out of them. Though this is obvious but there are many students that need help during their study period. This is especially true during the exams. There were times when a few students would make a study group and discuss problems to come to the right solution. But today there are websites that help them in their studies. Even if some student is an introvert and does not have many friends they need not worry because now they know what is course hero.
Why students need help in their studies? The students are in a learning phase and if they are not provided the right kind of guidance at the beginning itself they may take to cheating. This is however, not a welcome step and one must always encourage the fire of learning in a student. Many professors might say that the websites like course hero are just promoting an easy way out for the students because many of them resort to just copying the answer to the paper without knowing or understanding the logic behind it. Definitely some students do that but that is not going to help them in exam and they will not be able to solve the problem then leading to securing a fail grade in exam. It will help good students perform better The students who are genuinely in need of help and want to learn should be given the opportunity to do so. And, this is only possible if they know what is course hero or any other such website that can help them get to the root of the math and science problems that they are stuck with.