Stitches rappers ex wife Erica Duarte- know about her and his wife?

Do you know who Erica Duarte is? If not, then read more you will now it! She is judicial assistant of rapper named stitches. She is bonded to him as she is now wife of this controversial rapper. They get married in 2012 during autumn. Erica is 11 years older as compared to her husband; when she got married she was 28, while her husband was 17 years. They have two children after marriage but later in 2015 they get divorced.
In 2008, Erica participated in reality show “Paris Hilton’s my new BFF” which boardcasted on MTV. Paris was in process of picking a new friend for herself out of the 16 women and 2 men. Erica was not selected for finals but she had opportunity to show herself to huge audience and enjoy popularity. Erica Duarte’s husband stitches is the hip hop artist and he is known for having many tattoo on his body as well as face. Yeah you read it right, he has stitches on his face and those stitches looks so weird. He is also known to promote the drugs as well as violence. In 2014 he found himself guilty for offering his fans cocaine.
In addition to this stitches posted his baby’s photos having gun or cash in his son’s hand. He also created an illusion showing his son smoking weeds. He released 4 studio album- in 2015 “for drug dealers only”, in 2016 “tales of a drug lord”, in 2017 “cocaine holiday” and “I need rehab”. The entire album he released seems to promote drugs and that he is a fan of drugs. Stitches Rapper Ex Wife Erica Duarte is active on social media sites like Instagram. Followers on her Instagram account are 1,200. Duarte uploads photos on social media showing her day to day life, pets and family members.