Norton Antivirus - Does it Make Your Personal Computer Run Faster?

It is already a guarantee that Norton Activation is likely to be mentioned when computer security is the issue. This can't be refused when it comes to security programs as it is actually one of the very well-known. Like the rest of the security programs available on the market, this one is no different; it mostly desires to shelter the computers of individuals in their particular houses from even spywares and viruses.
The good thing relating to this program is the fact that it has various degrees of defense from viruses; it also safeguards your internet browsing as well as system restoration software. Another good thing concerning the Norton Antivirus is the fact that it automatically updates itself using a time interval of five to fifteen minutes. Individuals will also not have trouble since this program scans really fast and economically finding viruses in their system. For this reason there's a really small opportunity that malicious software will soon have the ability to infest your pc. In addition to this, it won't be too much weight as it merely uses up a small space amounting to about 8MB to put in it in your hard drive. But with every one of these attributes, I'm convinced that lots of people are wondering if it may seriously slow down the operation of a pc. Obviously it is already a given that individuals desire a virus-free computer, but we also desire to employ a efficient computer that could help us achieve what exactly that people require to do. According to a number of newsgroups controlled by individuals who have personally used Norton Activation as their personal security program for a computer, they've experienced severe effects upon installing the program that was said. Many people that have used it were disappointed because of the truth that it cannot actually protect their system from systems that are latest risk even when the program is being upgraded frequently. The worst part about it is that lots of people's systems crashed because of the inability of this program to safeguard them. Another clear manifestation this program is actually slowing the system down is the fact that it takes an excessive amount of time for the computer to start up