How to save cost from getting party supplies

There are so many ways through which you can save a lot of money while dealing with party supplies or part rentals. Here are some of those ways of saving up cash.
 Agree to pick up the party rental supplies yourself, do not agree to the fact that they should deliver it to you, this is because thou the latter is less stressful, still it is costly. Additional charges are usually added for those that will want the party supply companies to deliver the items to their place themselves. Though this should be done every time, because there are some of the items that you cannot install yourself, so those that need installations still have to be delivered by them.  Another thing that can be done to reduce the price is for you to choose the package that can be delivered to you at an extra time, in the sense that if you want the package to be delivered to you at the exact time you need it; your charge may be high.

 Renting from a particular company that constantly give you party supplies, will make you have the opportunity of receiving a discount from them, because you are a good customer.  Also, renting in large quantities form the same company will make you receive a good discount form them  Anytime, you refer other people to particular rental company that you rent from, and they know, they will be so happy to give out a discount on your next rental  Anytime you pay cash, you can save yourself the charges being received or deducted by the bank for the rental package you want to use.  Anytime items are delivered to the ground floor, there seem to be a very low charge attached compared to the ones that you have delivered to you on maybe the first or second floor of your event.