How can you get connected to social WiFi?

The wireless network has become the primary way to connect the device to the internet. It is very much easier for you to get connected to the network. Each one of the devices has its quirks which appear inopportune most of the time. If you are looking to connect the device to the wifi of any other, users, you have to know the correct password. If possible, you may ask the user. Usually, it becomes challenging to get the correct password for the Wi-Fi. Even the wifi can be shared with the Social hotspot.
Here are some steps to follow to connect the wifi with the device- • Open up the setting app in your mobile- You must have to visit the setting app pre-installed on your smart mobile device. • Scroll and look for wifi option- Now just scroll upward or downward direction to search for the wifi option. • Tap on wifi option-Now you can tap on wifi option. • Ensure wifi is enabled- You must have to make sure that the wifi is switched on. The place where the wifi is available you can switch on it. It is very rare that gasten wifi free connection is available.
• Tap on the wireless option- It may take a moment for you to see the entire available network as you switch on wifi option. There you will see the different option of the network. You must have a tap on the one wireless option to which you want to connect the device. • Enter the password- Enter the password if you feel that network is secured. You can use show password to check that whether you have entered correct password or not. • Tap Connect- After you tap on option connect, it will get connected automatically. These are some of the steps to follow to connect the social wifi to mobile.