There are so several choices and blends out there ranging from shapes easy enough for a caveman (no offense to our cromagnon readers out there) to set ups sophisticated enough to keep a rocket scientist met -- and numerous choices in between. Nevertheless, your e cig, regardless of the type, ain't worth nuthin' without eliquid. The e juice is how you will get your nicotine to sooth the beastly habit within you, and how (if you select) to eventually wean yourself off of nicotine.
MYSTERY FIXINGS? Now, you might have heard a few things out in the crazy from uneducated sources that e juice features crazy substances like antifreeze that are equally as bad (if not worse) than cigarettes -- THIS IS UNTRUE. Yes, all caps were not unnecessary, but I Will apologize for shouting at you through the computer screen yet. You will understand JUST what you are putting into your body if you buy e juice from a quality seller who lists their fixings. If for some reason the seller does not list the ingredients, or they can not/ buy your e juice from a RELIABLE seller, runaway and will not tell you what their e-liquid comprises if inquired.

REPUTABLE E LIQUIDS INCLUDE A BLEND OF THESE INGREDIENTS: 1. PROPYLENE GLYCOL (PG) AND VEGETABLE GLYCERIN (VG) These are the two most common ingredients that you will discover in e liquid since they are used as the suspension agent for nicotine and the flavorings. They are both GRAS or Generally Recognized As Safe by the FDA, used safely by people every day without incident, and tasteless. In e juice, you will discover combinations that only use 100% VG or PG, or mixtures that use a mix of each. We wrote an in depth post that VG and explainswhat PG are, how to select, and their differences. Although we are quite fine people here at onVaping, so we do not mind duplicating ourselves; here's the cliff notes from that post: PG is not thick, carries essence that is better, generates vapor that is less, acts as a preservative and prolongs the life of your e juice.