Aimbot overwatch: disadvantage of playing video games

Video game has now become an addiction nowadays. People are playing games everywhere and every age group people are involved to this. By game cheats or aimbot overwatch hacks you can play the games easily. Also thanks to our technologies that is making everything much easier and this helps the game addicts a bit more by giving the opportunity to play games from mobile phones too. Though able to play online or offline game in every days busy world is quit relaxing, but like every other thing there is some cons too. Here are some disadvantages of playing video game all the time.
Aimbot overwatch: Addiction- Playing video games has becoming serious addiction to most of the people. To finish the level, to go to next level people are tend to sitting in front of the game for hours. If the game becomes tough to win you can easily download the cheat codes such as overwatch hacks and other cheats for winning the match. Making people less healthy- The addiction of playing games as an addict causes less healthy people. If you sit in front of the computer for much long time then there are chances you will definitely leave to do exercise or any physical activities. Also sitting in front of computer for a very long time causes back pain issues, eye site issues etc. it is also proven that using the computer for so many hours making the brain works slower and also reducing the growth of brain in kids and young generations.
Cut off from the real world- Spending too much time playing games on computer can make you unsocial. There are chances that you will want to stay alone, deducted from the outer and real world. You will start feeling more shy and slowly you will lose your confidence to face the outer world for any small reason too. Becoming more aggressive- There are many violent games young generation likes to play today such as overwatch aimbot shooting games etc., these violent games making their aggressive nature more active. Children are getting inspired from those shooting and killing games which are not a good thing.