The Quantum Vision System

quantum vision system reviewAccording to the American Heritage Dictionary the quantum system is a physical or theoretical system that cannot be correctly described without the use of physics. The “Quantum Vision System” was created by Doctor Kemp and offers some rather startling claims for public consideration such as:

  • Eliminating the use of glasses
  • Elimination the use of contacts
  • Elimination the use of lenses
  • Eliminating the use of any invasive surgery

Any person reading those comments in this article are probably scratching their collective heads by now and saying to themselves: “WHAT?”

The fact is that probably the only permanent vision treatment that is currently offered on the “vision” marketplace is laser surgery. Yet, even though that is a true statement, the author should clarify that any type of surgery, including one affecting your vision (eyes) includes that word “risk.” And when it includes your eyes most every person will have some reasonable concern about the word surgery. Further, the cost for the majority of surgery wannabes will usually be unaffordable. The “Quantum Vision System” is targeted at people who have or are ready to eschew lenses or glasses or contacts, and cannot afford any type of expensive eye surgery unless they have medical insurance coverage.

Why Should The Quantum Vision System Review Be Trusted?

Good question, folks. However, you should know that this digital program called the “Quantum Vision System created by Dr. Kemp and his team of colleagues, is a step by step guide containing information on how to permanently improve your vision. The program directs the content at the root cause of eye problems

What Is Involved In This Quantum Vision System Review Process?

A three step plan that consists of eye nourishing, cleansing, and effective exercises. The plan also includes special instructional videos and eye charts to track your progress. This unique eye approach system does not require any special equipment since the Quantum Vision System has come up with a unique technological approach to heal eye vision rapidly and effectively. And patients are not required to put forth any effort or money to treat their condition if they don’t receive a positive outcome. A Quantum Vision System Review from Mary Miles said quote: “I enjoyed the program. It’s easy to follow with no complicated medical jargon. Another great thing about this system is it comes with a 60 day “money-back” guarantee, so there’s not much of a risk involved!”

quantum vision review

What is the Bates Method?

bates methodBates Method was developed by William Bates and is used for improving eyesight in people. It is an alternative therapy that claims great success rates, and success stories state that it leads to a complete elimination of glasses. Dr. Kemp has created an updated program based on these exercises along with improved nutrition called the Quantum Vision System. However, the exercise alone can provide great relief and they are FREE!

Here is an overview of the Bates Method -

Step I: Close Eyes – To begin practicing the Bates Method, the person should close their eyes and concentrate on something nice or pleasing. It could be anything that helps the person in relaxing and feeling calm.

Step II: Covering Eyes – Eyes are best relaxed when they are shielded from light and thus, step II instructs covering the eyes with palms – or “palming”. The key point here is to relax the eyes and thus, create a naturally generated black field of vision. If the person tries to “see black”, it would lead to more strain. “Don’t try to see black,” recommends Cassie Smith, a research student of this method.

Step III: The Swing – It is best to imagine a letter and then focus on its top left half – for instance, the letter H. When the focus moves to the bottom right point, the letter should swing. If it doesn’t, this is sign of eye strain. The swing can be practiced on distant trees and other objects. It should ideally be short, as proven by the results of people with good eyesight.

Step IV: Using Imagination – The Bates Method is not only useful for improving eyesight but it also helps to make a person more attentive to details. This is achieved by step IV that recommends focussing on the minute details of things. For instance, depth of color on the point of focus, while practicing step III, should be more as compared to the rest of the letter.

Step V: Catching the Flash – After Step II and III, and when the eyes are completely relaxed, there is a moment of crystal clarity when everything falls in sharp focus. It might only last for a second or so, and thus, it should be captured in the mind’s eye.

Step VI: Centered Vision – In order to reduce strain and achieve best results with this method, vision should be centered on a small part of the subject.

A test card if often used in the Bates Method wherein the person reads the smallest visible line, closes eyes, and focusses on that line. When the eyes are opened, the letters seem clearer.