Tips To Look Good For Your Wedding Photos

Looking good (read: perfection) in your wedding photo is the dream of every bride in the world, including brides in Singapore! Looking pretty and beautiful is the best damn thing that can possibly happen to a bride.

Here are some actionable steps and tips you can apply immediately to help yourself look better in your eventual wedding photographs!

A. Get a professional make up artist to help you put on your make up! It’s absolutely essential that your make up is on point to look great. What’s the point of saving a few hundred dollars and risking a huge chance of botching it up? This is a terrible long term mistake. Always make sure to engage a professional make up artist for your special photo shoot and big day.

B. Get a good photographer like Grandeur Wedding Studio with portfolio you like. There may be photographers who have gotten lots of industry accolades, but their photographs look mediocre (or more commonly, doesn’t appeal to your taste). The industry awards are given and judged according to criteria which are completely unrelated to your preferences. It’s only according to whatever criteria the ‘judge’ wants. Which is lame in my opinion. Get a good photographer whose portfolio actually appeals to you a lot and pay more for them. Don’t blindly pay more for a photographer with lots of accolades but whose photographs you simply hate.

C. Get into shape! You cannot change your face, you cannot change your height, but you can certainly change your body and your body shape! Work at it. No amount of hiding and clothing tricks will help you look as good as if your body were hot from the beginning! Since most brides prepare for their weddings at least 6 months to 1 year ahead, you should have at least several months to get into shape. Please do a favour and get into shape.

D. Rest well. Never underestimate the power of a well rested body’s effect on your looks. A well rested person easily looks great, with minimal eye bags and dark eye circles and their overall pose is also usually better looking. It’s amazing what sufficient rest and sleep can do for the better! Make sure to rest well.

E.Wear clothes that fit you. This is the case for both the photo shoot in your casual clothes as well as those in your wedding gowns! It’s important to wear clothes which fit you. A good cut will make you look astounding.

Beautiful Wedding Photography Ideas In Singapore

Taking your pre-wedding photo shoot or actual day wedding photo shoot in Singapore? Here are some of the best locations in Singapoore and some of the best poses you and your spouse can go and take to take stellar looking wedding photographs!

1 Gardens By The Bay.

One of the most famous places for a photo shoot in Singapore, Gardens By The Bay is a beautiful location for couples and brides to have their wedding photography at. With lots of unique looking trees, flora and back drops, it definitely makes for one of the most out of the world looking wedding photographs for couples. Couples usually pose in normal poses, where they stand next to each other and let the place speak for itself, as the backdrop alone will help your photograph look like out of the world.

2 Upper Seletar Reservoir

A quiet and serene location for couples looking to have their photo shoot or perhaps even hold their wedding, Upper Seletar Reservoir is a wonderfully gorgeous location. With lots of nature and practically nothing urban around it, it’s a dream location and backdrop for wedding photographs for couples who love the great outdoors and beautiful floral and water scenes. Most couples face each other and / or kiss during photographs taken at Upper Seletar Reservoir.

3 Sentosa Siloso Beach

Want another lovey dovey place? Sentosa’s a great place to take such wedding photographs! Although it’s known to be a more pricey location within Singapore to hold your wedding at, many couples hold their bridal ceremony at W Hotel at Sentosa or the beach side. It’s a very beautiful location, peaceful and magical looking for an actual day wedding ceremony.

But before you go to any of the places in Singapore mentioned above for your pre-wedding photoshoot, or perhaps even your actual day wedding ceremony, make sure to engage a good wedding photography studio like

Lifestyle of wedding photographers in Singapore

During my stay in Singapore, I have observed the lifestyle of the wedding photographers in Singapore. Similar to the general working culture, wedding photographers work long hours. Many people in Europe would think that a career as a wedding photographer will be very relax and carefree. That’s not entirely true for a wedding photographer in Singapore. If the photographer is attached to a wedding studio, he will be very busy for every week.

Wedding studios such as SG Weds and Grandeur Wedding Studio ( enjoy good business. Hence, everyone at the wedding studio, from the sales consultants to the wedding photographers are kept very busy at all times. Let’s focus on mainly the photographer’s lifestyles. As the weekends are always booked for wedding events, it is a norm that the wedding photographers appear at the wedding couple’s house in the morning and at the wedding venue later to take pictures of the couple. This will take place for both weekends every week. Half of the weekdays will normally be booked for wedding events too. This means that the photographers will need to spend full days at the wedding venue to carry out photo shoots during these weekdays. For the rest of the weekdays (about 1 to 2 days), they will need to edit the photographs captured in the week. When they are done with the edits, they can then get to enjoy some leisure time.

Some wedding studios hire professional photograph editors to edit the photographs. This will take a huge workload off the photographers, and give them more leisure time in the week.

Freelance wedding photographers are generally less busy as they have much fewer customers to attend to. Usually, the freelance wedding photographers will spend half of their time sourcing for customers. They could be at home posting advertisements on wedding forums or out at wedding shows to promote themselves.

Good wedding photographers are usually owners of the wedding studios or are attached to the wedding studios. They know that their expertise is in taking photographs and thus want to do these activities as much as possible. The other jobs such as sales and marketing will leave to the other team members.

The lifestyle of the wedding photographers in Singapore is hectic, yet fulfilling. The wedding photographers know that they are going after their own passion.

Working At A Good Wedding Photography Studio In Singapore

I’m not sure if you have heard of this advice before, but working at a big and good wedding photography studio like Grandeur Wedding ( will give your career a big boost as well as teach you many valuable technical skills and get your experience without you needing to sell. One of the hardest things for a photographer to turn professional is to get sales to line up your pocket.

Without sales, you won’t have customers, you won’t have cash and you won’t have experience. The best way to learn fast is to work with a studio who is good at making sales and thus able to pass you jobs quickly and allow you to grow your own portfolio fast! In addition, some studios like Grandeur Wedding Studio and Nat Studios pay really well to their top photographers in Singapore.

The following are some tips and reasons why you must work at a good studio in Singapore to truly advance your professional wedding photography career to greater heights.

  1. A good studio will be able to provide you a steady stream of income. One of the biggest worries of a person in Singapore wanting to embark on a photography career is the fear of a lack of stable income. With a studio which works hard for you, you’ll never need to worry about that, and simply need to focus on learning and taking better pictures each and every single day.
  2. A studio rarely has just 1 photographer or videographer. A good wedding studio should have at least a handful of wedding photographers. This means that during company events, you would be able to network and learn from the other experienced photographers and pick up some new skills every time you interact with someone better than you. Remember – there is no end to improvement. Learn and be humble and learn from the greats to become greater than they ever could be – and you will soon find your professional wedding photography career a truly fulfilling one!
  3. Sometimes, these studios may also be able to purchase you great cameras (as long as you’re employed with them) with huge discounts on it due to business benefits. With such studios, you’re able to get experience, a steady income source, and sometimes a lot of great technical perks as mentioned above!

It’s extremely important to work at a good studio in Singapore, whether or not you’re just starting out or looking to grow your career.

Easy to find and meet wedding photographers in Singapore

You may think that my post title is weird. Are there countries in the world where it is difficult to find and meet wedding photographers? Well, this will depend on how we define the ease to find and meet wedding photographers. I have very high standards. To me, it is easy to find wedding photographers when I am able to generate a list of the reputable wedding photographers in my city within a hour. It is easy to meet wedding photographers if I am able to meet up with them within 2 days.

In the developing countries, it is difficult to find wedding photographers. Internet is still not very commonly used and people rely on using traditional media such as newspaper advertising to advertising their services. Moreover, offering wedding photography services in such countries may not earn much too. Thus, some wedding photographers may have issues carrying out advertising activities. In the developed countries like Singapore, this is generally no problem.

Similarly, in the developing countries, it is difficult to meet the wedding photographers. If the people there have troubles finding out about their services, how could they meet the photographers easily? It can also be difficult to meet the photographers even in the developed countries. This is mainly due to the size of the cities and the inefficiency of the photographer or his customer service staff in attending to new customers’ enquiries.

In Singapore, the system is much more efficient. It is easy to find and meet wedding photographers in Singapore. Almost everyone in Singapore connects to the internet on a daily basis. A lot of people advertises their products and services online. With simple searches, we can find many wedding photographers around in Singapore. Moreover, if you want to meet the wedding photographers, you can head down to their office directly without even booking an appointment. Wedding studios such as Grandeur Wedding Studio allow customers to walk into their office for consultations. From finding and meeting the wedding photographers, you can take less than an hour to do so. Contact them if you want a highly efficient and professional wedding photographer to attend to your photography needs.

Conductive learning environment for Singapore wedding photographers

I always recommend passionate wedding photographers to actively seek sources to improve their own wedding photography knowledge and skills. One should never stop learning. Even when you are learning at a slow pace, you are still learning. When you stop learning, the momentum will be lost and it may be very difficult for you to get back on your feet to start learning again.

There are many different ways where wedding photographers can pick up more skills and knowledge about wedding photography – interacting with other photographers, reading books, watching videos, and getting a mentor. I am sure these four activities will be enough to last you a lifetime.

wedding photographer

When I am in Singapore, I realize that Singapore wedding photographers are considered much more fortunate than the photographers in many other countries. The very first reason is that Singapore wedding photographers do not need to worry about food and shelter. In Singapore, you cannot find a beggar around. All the basic needs are met by all Singaporeans. I have encountered some passionate photographers in other countries where they have problem feeding themselves from day to day basis. Despite so, they still hold on to their dreams of becoming a professional full time wedding photographer.

Secondly, some wedding studios such as Grandeur Wedding Studio Singapore hold apprenticeship programs for aspiring wedding photographers. Grandeur Wedding Studio houses some very experienced and talented wedding photographers and invite aspiring wedding photographers to learn under their wedding photographers. This essentially provides a mentor for the aspiring wedding photographers. Having a mentor in life will greatly propel a person forward in life, overtaking his peers.

Thirdly, there are a lot of learning materials available for the wedding photographers to grab. There are books about wedding photography offline in the bookstores. In additional, there are also a lot of learning materials such as e-books and videos about wedding photography online. Singaporeans can easily access these materials. For instance, check out these online materials – photo tips from nikonclub. There are many such Singapore websites written by Singaporeans to aid other Singaporean wedding photographers. The community in Singapore is really helpful and caring towards one another.

A conductive learning environment will definitely increases the speed of learning for wedding photographers.

Exchanging valuable insights with Singapore photographers

Hi all, I am Jonathan Mchaffin, a British man. I am a professional wedding photographer who has my own wedding studio in London. Throughout my photography career, I have interacted with lots of wedding photographers in my country. It greatly increases my knowledge and judgements. Lately, I came to realize that my rate of learning in the fields of wedding photography has slowed down, and perhaps I should interact with photographers from overseas. They may be able to provide me with unique valuable insights due to their experiences carrying out the photography trade in an environment that is completely different from mine – social culture and weather just to name a few.

Hence, I began my journey to travel around the world for a year to interact with the professional wedding photographers from different countries. First stop was Singapore.

My experiences in Singapore were an eye-opener. The country is so much different from London. Singapore is a multi-racial country where all races are treated equally. Moreover, it is really clean here. Singapore does live up to its name being a garden city. The biggest difference to me was the weather. Singapore is really hot and humid, unlike the cool weather in London. There are no four seasons in Singapore; it’s basically just summer time all year round. Alright, let’s go back to the main topic. I called up a few wedding studios in Singapore and some of them are really nice to accommodate to my request to meet up and share our photography insights.

One of the wedding studios was Grandeur Wedding Studio ( I was honoured and pleased to have met some very experienced wedding photographers from Grandeur Wedding Studio like Chee Hui and Timothy. Apart from the technical aspects of photography, they also shared with me some of the interested experiences they had with Asian customers shooting their wedding photo shoot in Asia. Perhaps the most unforgettable story is the one where Timothy had to carry a portable air con just to cool the groom down during the outdoor pre wedding photo shoot simply because of the hot and humid weather. Talk about top class customer service. This one definitely owns it.

Likewise, I shared with them my own personal photography experiences as well. The engagement was a very pleasant experience. I will share some of these valuable insights that I have gotten from the Singapore wedding photographers in the following posts. Keep reading!